Find Yourself, Find Your Work


YGray Owl Publishing presents our latest eBook.ou can make your dream job your reality. It doesn’t matter what the economy is like, what your credentials are, how old or young you are, how long you’ve been out of work, what your current job is, or even if you’ve never had a job. Find Yourself, Find Your Work will lead you step-by-step down a path of self-discovery to overcome inner obstacles, awaken your life changing power, and shape your world.

No matter how much we long for a new job, or wish the situation in our current job will improve, facing change seems hard. Find Yourself, Find Your Work will encourage you to discover how easy change can be when you focus your intention and use your creativity. In this book, you can learn to transform your fear of rejection, define and clarify your intent, use your intuition, and uncover the illusions that stand in your way.

In addition to practical job seeking tips throughout, self-reflective exercises follow each chapter, providing an opportunity to explore this book’s powerful concepts on your own terms. It’s never too late or too early to embrace your potential and find your purpose. By working through what Find Yourself, Find Your Work has to offer, you will come to see that all things are possible.

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