For Authors


GThe status quo of traditional market-based publishing does not assure that all worthly work is publsihed.ray Owl Publishing offers authors a stress-free path to eBook publishing without upfront costs or the need for an agent.  We publish work that brings light, love and laughter into the world, and we understand—from personal experience—that the publishing industry is often a barrier for authors who have important work to share. We simply don’t think that the market-based status quo of traditional publishing assures that all worthy work is published.

On the other hand, self-publishing also has its pitfalls.  The eBook revolution is in its infancy, and good tools are not yet in place to assure that all eBooks offered in the marketplace meet the standard of quality that readers have come to expect from traditionally published books.  In traditional publishing, a team of experts are responsible for meeting the standard expected by readers—agents, editors, copy editors, book designers and typographers, marketers, technical teams that support the IT infrastructure, printers, binders, and all the front office support staff. 

As an author, you want to spend your time writing, not learning how to format an HTML file for conversion to an ePub.  As an author, your expertise is language, not page layout, typography, or cover design. You can hire a company to take care of these tasks for you, but the upfront cost can be high.

When your work is accepted for publication at Gray Owl Publishing, you become part of a cooperative model for change in the publishing industry.  Gray Owl Publishing is not member-owned or operated, but like a co-op, we are motivated not by profit, but by service.  We exist to serve the needs of readers who seek change and growth, and we do so by meeting the needs of authors who have important work that needs to be shared.

The business model at Gray Owl Publishing is one of paying it forward.  The publisher paid the upfront costs of the starting the business. Future publishing projects are financed through royalties from currently published and listed eBooks. Gray Owl Publishing takes the risk and pays the costs associated with publishing a high quality, carefully edited, and professionally designed eBook.  In return, we ask the author to commit a percentage of his or her royalty toward providing the same opportunity for other worthy authors. 

Whether you experience our business model as paying it forward, tithing, or a simply a convenient payment option, your work plays a part in creating a new publishing model. We are all one.