About Gray Owl Publishing


GPublishing eBooks that bring light, love, and laughter into the world.ray Owl Publishing offers high quality, carefully edited, and professionally designed eBooks that bring light, love, and laugher into the world.  Our goal is to publish eBooks that create change in the lives of our readers.  Our mission is to support authors, without upfront cost or a need for an agent, in publishing work that can change the world.

Gray Owl Publishing is primarily interested in eBooks on personal growth, self-actualization, spirituality, major life issues, quality of life, self-help, nature, and animals. Our marketing is driven by authenticity, honesty, and a heartfelt desire to connect with readers.  We value spirit and intuition in our decision-making, and primarily use social media and other online tools to promote the work of our authors.

We believe that the right readers are led to the right eBooks at the right moment, and it is our pleasure to take part in this synchronistic dance of perfect timing.  At Gray Owl Publishing, we value wisdom and discernment, characteristics closely associated with the owl, and characteristics we seek from our authors.

If you are an author interested in publishing a Gray Owl eBook, read more on our Author page, and follow our Submission Guidelines. If you are a reader, visit our Featured eBook page.